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With advanced features, customizable layouts, seamless integrations, and stellar support, Noxe empowers you to create a captivating cinematic website that engages your audience and showcases your passion for the world of film. Unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life with Noxe.

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Pre-Built Demos

Discover the power of Noxe WordPress Theme with our captivating pre-built demos. Dive into a world of possibilities as you explore 18+ ready-to-use homepages, meticulously designed for movies, series, directors, actors, film studios, film festivals, and film companies. From visually stunning layouts to advanced features, our demos serve as the perfect starting point to create your own unique cinematic website. Unleash your creativity and captivate your audience with Noxe's pre-built demos.

Movie & TV Show Management & Listing

Effortlessly showcase your movies and TV shows with Noxe WordPress Theme's powerful listing feature. Engage your audience and enhance their browsing experience.

Movie & TV Show Listing Layouts

Choose from a variety of captivating layouts for your movie and TV show listings. Noxe offers visually stunning options to engage and captivate your audience.

Name Listing &
Cast Management

Effortlessly manage cast information and showcase talented individuals with Noxe. Enhance your website with comprehensive name listings and cast management features.

Name Listing & Cast Management
Episode Management

Episode Management

Streamline your episode management process with Noxe. Organize, track, and showcase your TV show episodes effortlessly for a seamless viewing experience.

Meta Fields & Film Database System

Unlock the power of meta fields and our film database system with Noxe. Seamlessly manage and display comprehensive film information for an immersive user experience.

Meta Fields & Film Database System

IMDb API Integration

Stay up-to-date with accurate movie information through Noxe's IMDb integration. Ensure your content is relevant and informative for your audience.

Asset 4

TMDB API Integration

Elevate your movie website with Noxe's TMDB integration, featuring seamless API import. Enhance user experience with accurate and dynamic movie data.

OMDb API Integration

Revamp your movie website with Noxe's OMDb integration, now with API integration. Provide accurate, dynamic movie data to captivate your audience.

Watchlist & Favorites

Keep track of your favorite movies and shows with Noxe's watchlist feature. Easily save and manage your must-watch content for future enjoyment.

Schema Support

Optimize your movie and TV show website's SEO with Schema integration in the Noxe theme. Elevate your content and boost discoverability!

SEO & Speed

Boost your website's visibility and deliver lightning-fast performance with Noxe. Experience optimized SEO and speed for an exceptional user experience.

Functional Structure

Embrace limitless possibilities with our open development framework. Customize and structure your project to meet unique needs.


Monetize your website and maximize your revenue potential with Noxe's seamless ad options. Display ads strategically and boost your earnings.

Advanced Theme Customizer

Advanced Theme Customizer

Customize your website to perfection with Noxe's advanced theme customizer. Tailor the look and feel of your site effortlessly for a unique and captivating user experience.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Create stunning pages with ease using Noxe's drag-and-drop page builder powered by WPBakery. Unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life without any coding skills required.

Drag and drop page builder
Membership System

Membership System

Elevate user experience and build a loyal community with Noxe's membership system. Provide exclusive content and privileges to your dedicated audience.

Review System

Engage your audience and foster discussions with Noxe's review system. Let your visitors share their thoughts and opinions on movies and TV shows.

Review System

Header Styles

Make a lasting impression with Noxe's versatile header styles. Choose from a range of captivating designs to captivate your visitors from the moment they arrive.

Header 1
Header 2
Header 3
Header 4

Slider & Media Integrations

Enhance your website with Noxe's seamless slider and media integrations. Showcase trailers, teasers, and captivating media content to captivate your audience.

Slider Integrations
Slider Integrations
Photo Galleries
Photo Galleries
Video Galleries
Video Galleries
Masonry Galleries
Masonry Galleries
Lazy Loading
Lazy Loading

Typography Customizer

Create a unique typographic style with Noxe's typography customizer. Customize fonts, styles, and sizes to perfectly match your brand's identity and aesthetics.

Typography Customizer

Blog Styles

Express your cinematic insights with Noxe's diverse blog styles. Choose from a range of captivating layouts to share your thoughts and engage your audience.

Inner Pages

Create immersive inner pages with Noxe's versatile options. Craft captivating layouts that showcase your content and provide a seamless user experience.

WooCommerce Integration

Expand your business with Noxe's seamless WooCommerce integration. Effortlessly set up an online store and sell movie-related products to your audience.


Other Theme Features

Discover a multitude of other powerful features in Noxe theme, including GDPR compatibility, custom admin columns, lazy load support, and more.

One Click Installation

Get started quickly with Noxe's one-click installation. Set up your website effortlessly and begin crafting your cinematic online presence.

Multi Page & One Page Layouts

Choose from multi-page or one-page layouts in Noxe. Customize your website structure to suit your content and create an intuitive user experience.

Dark & Light Skins

Personalize your website with Noxe's dark and light skins. Choose the perfect theme color scheme to match your brand and aesthetics.

RTL & LTR Support

Noxe supports RTL (Right-to-Left) and LTR (Left-to-Right) languages, ensuring a seamless experience for your multilingual audience.

Translation Ready & Multilingual

Reach a global audience with Noxe's translation-ready and multilingual support. Easily translate your website and connect with diverse visitors.

Template Studio

Unleash your creativity with Noxe's template studio. Customize and create unique templates that perfectly match your brand and vision.

Layouts & Widgets

Customize your website with Noxe's versatile layouts and widgets. Create stunning designs and enhance functionality with ease.

Child Theme

Customize Noxe without losing changes with a child theme. Safely modify your website while keeping the core theme intact.

Gutenberg Compatibility

Noxe seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg, empowering you with a modern and intuitive editing experience for your website.

Optimized Performance

Experience lightning-fast performance with Noxe. Enjoy a website that loads quickly and provides a seamless browsing experience.

No Coding Skills

No coding skills? No problem! With Noxe, you can create a stunning website without any coding knowledge or technical expertise.

Adaptive Images

Noxe's adaptive images feature ensures your website loads quickly and beautifully on any device, delivering an optimal user experience.

Image & Video Galleries

Immerse your visitors in visual storytelling with Noxe's image and video galleries. Showcase stunning images and captivating videos effortlessly.

Fancybox & Lightbox

Elevate the visual experience with Noxe's Fancybox and Lightbox integration. Create stunning pop-ups and showcase your media content beautifully.

Lazy Load

Improve page loading speed with Noxe's lazy load support. Optimize your website by loading content only when needed for a smoother experience.

Google Maps

Integrate Google Maps seamlessly into your website with Noxe. Help visitors locate cinemas, studios, and more with ease.

SEO Friendly

Boost your website's visibility with Noxe's SEO-friendly design. Optimize your content and climb search engine rankings effortlessly.

GDPR & Cookie Bar

Ensure GDPR compliance with Noxe's built-in features. Display a cookie bar to inform and obtain user consent for data collection.

Responsive Layout

Noxe's responsive layout adapts seamlessly to any device, ensuring your website looks and functions flawlessly on all screens.

Auto Updates

Stay up to date effortlessly with Noxe's auto updates. Enjoy the latest features and improvements without any hassle or manual updates.

Premium Support

Receive top-notch assistance with Noxe's premium support. Our dedicated team is here to help you maximize your theme's potential.

Get Support

Get the support you need with Noxe. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth website-building experience.

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Access comprehensive documentation for Noxe, providing step-by-step guidance and tutorials to help you make the most of the theme's features.

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